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IT pros looking to cash in on the rising demand for IT consultants, know this: IT consulting isn’t all golf meetings and extended lunches. In fact, it can often involve thankless work fraught with unexpected detours, murky goals, and the occasional sudden jettisoning of your project.

But it can also be exceedingly fulfilling and empowering to improve the fortunes of your clients. Build a respectable business as an independent IT consultant, with a healthy client roster, and it can be lucrative as well.

While there’s no script to follow in becoming a successful IT consultant, several hard-learned lessons can help guide your way. Anyone considering breaking out on their own or trying to take their already established consulting business to the next level should heed the following 10 commandments of IT consulting success.[ Learn the fundamentals of succeeding as an independent consultant and beware the hidden pitfalls of going freelance in IT. | Get the latest career insights by signing up for CIO Leader newsletter. ]

1. The client is the hero — and the hero defines success

Every consulting gig is an adventure. Bureaucratic hurdles, technical constraints, unsavory politics — delivering the right solution, on time and on budget, is a significant challenge every time you sign a new contract. But before you embark on this journey, remember this: The client is the hero of this adventure, not you, not your company, and certainly not some shiny new technology that’s caught your eye. 0% 


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